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We have selected Ramnagar district, Magadi taluk for our activities. We have selected eight (8) high schools in different villages from Magadi taluk.

Sl. No. School name Village
1. SSRHS Byalakere
2. SBHS Solur
3. SSRHS Gudemarana Halli
4. SSRHS Narasandra
5. SMHS Kudur
6. SBHS Hulikal
7. SJRHS Yennegere
8. SSRHS Kanchugal Bande Mutt

During the last three (3) years more than 230 students were supported by the trust. In the current year 2014-15, 85 students will be supported.

Latest News & Announcements 1) August - Rechargeable lanterns were donated to all the trust beneficiary students.
2) September - Writing desks were presented to students
3) All 84 students of our trust passed with high percentages.
4) For the first time five (5) students secured distinction.
5) In the current year, 2014-15, Eighty five (85) students are selected by the trust.
6) 8 High schools from Magadi Taluk are the beneficiaries.
7) June - Note books, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, backpack and school fees are distributed.
8) More than 230 students have been supported by the trust in last three (3) years.